Saturday, October 26, 2019

District Race Singapore 2019

So we were invited as a company to participate in this event for free because it was a 'tech' type of run and we were a 'tech' type of company right?

Anyway we got ourselves 12 tickets with 3 teams of 4 to run the Team Open.

The team I was with was really up for it and it was really fun. From the morning, the District race format was like an amazing race type where teams had to run to different checkpoints and clock points either just by run past them, or doing various tasks. These tasks were relatively simple, like sprinting short distances, taking a photo of something in the area, or answering a question relating to where the checkpoint was.

Anyway we had only two hours and we pre-planned our strategy and took a route that took us all around the Kallang river. See below for the actual route we finally ran.

Actually clocked 15.2km in two hours even with a lot of walking.

Nonetheless it was great event. Organization was fantastic and the app technology worked really well to make the run very interesting for us. Finally the home stretch and end point was very well equipped (maybe because there weren't as many participants as those high-profile marathons) and stocked with water and food.

Oh and the medal was so cool with AR technology!

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