Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Denmark & Sweden 2019 Day 2 - Billund

So I arrive in the early morning in Copenhagen. Just in time to watch the sun rise from the airport. A beautiful sight.

We have a long day ahead of us, and I've had little sleep on the red eye. Still, it was lovely to be in the cold of Scandinavia.

I had to wait for the trio to arrive and had about five hours to burn, which considering how long it took for me to get out of customs, was not too long.

Finally the wifey and kids arrive and I am so happy to see them.

We immediately bought train tickets to travel to Billund.

Billund is the town in Denmark where Legoland is.

The journey would take about two hours by train, which included one missed stop (and having to walk to the other platform to take the opposite train) and a 20-min bus ride from Vejle (vai-ler).

We finally get to Legoland Hotel!

So happy and really was a dream come true for me!

By then it was already the late afternoon and all we could do was explore the hotel area, had a lousy late lunch, and rest in the room.

The Legoland Hotel rooms were SO tiny. Even smaller than the Legoland Malaysia hotel rooms.

Anyway we were all so tired from our respective flights that we slept through.

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