Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Denmark & Sweden 2019 Day 5 - Copenhagen

I remember this was obviously a Monday, and I had to go into work.

I've been to Copenhagen for work many times already so I was very familiar with walking to work and getting to the office.

My favourite part was breakfast. I almost always have my cereal/muesli breakfast with yoghurt when I'm there. Helps me shit so well.

So I spent most of my day VERY, VERY busy at the office.

Meanwhile, the wifey and kids went for a city tour using the Copenhagen Card.

In the evening, a colleague hosted us for dinner at his house.

It was such a pleasant experience in that his whole family which comprised of his wife, two daughters, one of their boyfriends, and his son all joined us.

Even the food they made for us was delicious.

And they had the biggest dogs!!!

The kids fell in love with a smaller dog called Bomle. How cute.

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