Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Denmark & Sweden 2019 Day 8 - Helsingborg

Today was planned to be a very eventful day where we explore Helsingborg thoroughly.

We started off revisiting the old city square and the Karnen (again).

Then we walked to the Fredriksdal Open Air Museum, which to be honest, was a bit of a bore. The kids enjoyed the farm bit though.

Then it was off to the Tropikariet, an indoor zoo sanctuary. It was more interesting than what the outside of the building would suggest. This was probably the highlight of the day's tour. It was really quite amazing how many animals and various exhibits they could squeeze within the building premises. There was even an enormous aquarium in the basement.

We then had lunch at the Mcdonalds right beside.

From there we walked back to the old city square and toured the old town, which was really cool.

This was followed by a walk down to the harbour from which one could see across the channel towards Helsingor. Felt a bit like the distance from my home balcony to Batam, except far more beautiful scenary and weather.

In the evening we strolled back and found the Helsingborg History Museum. This was super interesting for me.

Finally dinner again in a quaint little restaurant in the old town.

This was a very memorable night because the wifey and I sneaked out of the hotel room while the kids were asleep so we could have a few pints at the pubs downstairs!!!

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