Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Denmark & Sweden 2019 Day 1 - Changi Airport

So this series of posts from our annual holiday is finally here.

It is a month late, but better late than never.

We travelled in mid September.

The trip was born out of a work trip to Copenhagen where I had to go to HQ to attend a bootcamp, among other stuff, and decided to drag the whole family along since it would be the first time they all get to travel to Europe.

We began our in Changi Airport. This trip was rather unique because of the cost to fly to Copenhagen. I had my own company-sponsored flight via SQ which was crazy expensive by the time we wanted to booked for three more pax. In the end we chose to fly separately, the three of them via Thai Airways, which was less than half the cost of SQ.

As best as we could, we timed the flights as close as possible. Hence the match up of flights was such that the trio of mum and the kids had to fly earlier at 8pm, while my flights was at 11pm. As they needed to transit via Bangkok, they would then arrive LATER than me in Copenhagen. I would arrive around 6.30am while they would reach around 12pm. Such was the cost of flying separately.

So it was straight to the airport we went to start our holiday.

Unfortunately for Day 1, I don't have any pictures to show.

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