Sunday, October 01, 2017

Just An Ordinary Sunday In 2017

Work up early at 7.30am for an early 90min jog.

Reached home before 9am so the wife can go for her Sunday yoga class.

Brought kids to playground till 12pm.

Lunch at home having ordered in from Honest Bee. Fish beehoon.

Short power nap.

The girl's ballet class at 2pm.

Rush home by 3.45pm for everyone's nap.

Wake at 5.30pm.

Off to regular dinner at MIL's. Soup was delicious as usual, plus Saba fish special.

Home before 10pm so kids can sleep.

Pack for everyone's day tomorrow, watch Sunday football on TV.

Off the catch Pokemon in Siglap at 11pm.

Just another routine Sunday in 2017.

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