Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tired Beyond Measure

Check out my latest running getup!

UA Compression tee. Checked.
Nike Compression bottoms. Checked.
Adidas wristband. Checked.
Spotify Premium. Checked.

In the end I ran the first hour all the way to Marina Barrage. That was really far and I underestimated the distance coming back. By then it was way too late and I was absolutely exhausted at the bridge crossing the opposite of Fort Road.

From there I walked back and even then it felt like forever. In the end I took 90mins just to complete the jog/walk from Marina Barrage, half hour more than getting there. I was so thirsty I told myself that I would bring cash the next time I run this route.

My knees hurt. The soles of my feet hurt. My shins hurt too.

Check out my OOTD!!!

Proof that I made it there!

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