Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sydney, Australia, Day 4

Mowbray Park Farmstay. This stay was probably the most memorable for me and the kids of this whole trip.

Wholesome Australian breakfast!

This is the gathering hall to gather for all our activities. The tractor would come and pick us all up. The boy absolutely loved the table tennis, worn out as it may be.

This is the path by the gathering hall. The hall is on the right, and the dining hall is on the left.

We were really lucky to have a Singaporean family with kids exactly the same age as ours. They were having a total ball. Isaac and Isabelle were the kids' newest friends and they were loving the together time. Here they are feeding ducks at the nursery.

This alpaca spat at my kids.

Milking the cow.

This farm is huge!

Feeding the cows.

Billy tea and Damper (bread) time! By the campfire!

This horse invaded our personal space.

These horses invaded our personal space.

Best farm stay experience ever!

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