Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sydney, Australia, Day 1

Our fantabulous family trip! It's been really quite awhile and I'm really so glad we've made it here!

Staying at the Westin, Sydney for the first two nights! Beautiful hotel and is fantastically located in the heart of the CBD.

This is our view outside the hotel.

There is a Vivid Lights Festival today and it is the last day of the festival! Luckily for us, we would catch the fantastic bits later on.

Here we are at Circular Quay where the wharfs are to take to the various locations around Sydney. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is at the background. If you squinted hard enough, you'd see people like ants climbing the arch of the bridge.

The iconic Sydney Opera House.

An even better view of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. This was taken from the Sydney Opera House.

Bit of history about the design of the Sydney Opera House.

We had dinner at the Opera Kitchen, which was a very hip and happening joint located beneath the Sydney Opera House. Here we could also enjoy the Vivid Lights Festival.

Our super Australian meal, which cost me A$154! No tip, no service charges, no tax! *blush*

The Sydney Harbour Bridge lights up for Vivid!

Circular Quay lights up for Vivid!

Sydney Opera House lights up for Vivid!

The basking scene here is just amazing. So many talented people with talented skills. This drummer boy was attracting such a crowd using only a set of drumsticks and 7 pails.

What better way to end off with a beer?

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