Monday, January 11, 2016

Shortness Of Breath

Been having shortness of breath for about a week now.

Perhaps the inactivity since my ACL surgery is finally taking a toll on my health.

Maybe it's my persistently high cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Maybe it's my terrible carbohydrate and sodium-content diet.

Maybe it's the pressure and stress from daily work, at home and my studies (damn you, CAIA Level 1!).

At its worst (maybe last Wednesday), I was spending a whole day just trying to take in deep breaths and yawning just to breath in deep. I read that these were signs of a potential heart attack onset.

Even had to take a couple of asprins the other day after I read that they help dilute blood going to the heart. It actually helped.

Sadly I missed my free comprehensive health checkup last year because I was too busy. Need to remember to go this year.

So I started exercising almost every other day. Either I did the HIIT or I went for a 10-lap swim. Ankles still preventing me from jogging.

Will have to start watching what I eat as well. Less junk food like potato chips and fast food. More nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Don't think I'm ready to die yet. If things get worse I'll go see a doctor.

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