Sunday, January 03, 2016

Resolutions 2016

So Resolutions 2015 didn't go all that well. See review here.

Nonetheless I will stick to some tangible resolutions to keep myself focused for the year ahead.

1) Have 6 Month's Pay In Cold, Hard Cash
Here we go. Yet again. Less money in investments. Seriously.

2) Achieve $500/mth Dividend Income Stream
This resolution is exactly the same as last year's. Which is exactly the same as the year before too! In fact I just copied and pasted it. I have had an overall decrease in passive income stocks PLUS I didn't achieve even half of this target last year! So how am I gonna achieve it this year? Dunno. But setting an ambitious target is what resolutions are all about right?

3) Exercise Twice A Week
Yet another repeat resolution. This is really for my own health reasons. Really hope to have enough discipline to achieve this. Might need the wifey's help for this.

4) Score One Big Positive Life Achievement
Do something positively big. Change the world. Achieve something big in my life. This is a new one and something I hope that when I look back in end 2016, I can happily say I achieved something significant in the year. It could be passing CAIA Level 1. It could be making a big difference to someone else's life. It could be a personal achievement. Anything.

5) Less Online Games, More Time With Family
This is gonna be hard. With the toils of work, I still maintain one Simpsons Tapped Out account and THREE Clash Of Clans accounts. That keeps me busy alright. On one had its a great hobby to have, but I will have to balance things out so that I'm not glued to my electronic devices all the time.

Ok, hope I can achieve all of them come year end!

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