Sunday, November 22, 2015

Watford 1 Manchester United 2

Great win! Even if it too some last minute luck!

1) Like Good Ol' Days
A good goal to take the lead, missed chances to bury the game, a frustrating equalizer, a last minute game winner. What's not to like about last night's game? It felt like SAF's final two seasons all over again.

2) Injuries All Over
With seven players out prior to the game, Ander Herrera getting injured during the game, I'm sure Watford was fancying their chances. Hopefully we recover fast and players start getting back into the game.

3) Rooney Absence
Is it a coincidence that every time Rooney doesn't play, we win? Just sayin'. We had so many more shots and forward passes today. If only LVG could see that.

4) Memphis
For a variety of reasons, you kinda understand why Memphis frustrates and impresses at the same time. His goal was very well taken and his running on the wing was good. Yet his shooting is terrible and he makes bad decisions, like Nani previously. Hopefully he improves.

5) 2nd In The League
And guess who is first? Leicester City! Who would've thought that possible?! And even better yet, we play them next week! 


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