Sunday, November 15, 2015

Terrorism And Us

On the back of the brazen terrorist attacks in Paris the night before, it appears that the atmosphere of fear created has reverberated all over the globe.

From the number of people staying away from crowded places, to general avoidance of large foreign branded places, this will become the new normal. People will start to fear crowds and high-profile places in general.

Particularly in Singapore, where a lot of us are used to thronging malls, there might be a concerted effort to avoid the mall crowds in case an attack happens.

Hence, there would be avoidance of malls in general, cinemas, taking trains to popularly crowded stations, maybe even concerts and sporting events.

While we try our best to adjust to this new normal, going to work in our usual transport modes, we bear in mind that we could reduce the probability of being caught in an attack by avoiding large-scale events and places of interests.

Yet we have to try as best as we can to live our lives normally. It is the only we can negate what these terrorists are trying to achieve.

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