Saturday, October 17, 2015

Halloween Horror Nights 5

Wow. So much scarier this year. 

The bruises on my arm (thanks to wifey) and the quantity of screams from the her indicated that.

1) Highlights Were The Scare Houses
This year's setup was more scare-worthy and evidently more localized which I think made things more scary. There was a house set up after Russell Lee's True Singapore Ghost Stories with focus on the MRT (scariest), a 7th month Hungry Ghost paper doll house, a tunnel-themed scare house (least scary), and a SG50 zombie block (SG stands for Sentosa Gateway).

2) The Notorious HHN Queues
This is something we were quite prepared for this year. When you go mass market, get ready to queues for up to two hours just to go through at less-than-5-mins house/ride. Arm yourselves with $10 change to have beers and make sure you have good company or have your handphone fully charged. Otherwise just get the priority pass.

3) Scare Factor Is Much Better
Props were better and I think it was better staffed as well, so kudos to USS for improving things. Far more importantly, the Scare Houses and Scare Zones were much scarier this year. Not just making scares more localized, the scare houses and zones have much narrower paths now that forces groups into a bottle neck. So visitors are often forced into a single file for easier scares. Somehow the houses also were more elaborate and longer too, which made the experience more memorable. End of the day it felt more worthwhile after having queued an hour when coming out of a scare house. I personally saw a lot more boys and girls freaking out after being frightened.

See last year's review here.

Was a huge blast this year! Definitely going on another hot date with the wifey for HHN6!

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