Sunday, October 25, 2015

Annual Staycation 2015

Our 4th consecutive year on the little island of Sentosa. This year we were once again at the W Hotel, our third year in a row.

It must be one of our better staycations, as it feels as though it flew by so fast. Day one we just chilled out at the pool for a couple of hours (really long plus drinks by the pool!), followed by a simple dinner at Brussel Sprouts along Quayside Isle. Day two we went to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and spent almost the entire day there. Day three we had our once-a-year breakfast at Kith along Quayside Isle again.

At USS, we did a lot more things than the previous year. Most notably the number of exciting rides we took increased alot! From the Elmo space spaghetti ride, followed by the Jurassic Park flying dinosaur ride, then the Shrek 4D show, the latest Puss and the Giant ride, the Dragon Airways ride, the Madagascar boat ride and most ultimate of all, Transformers! Was really impressed by both the little rascals managing not only to survive all the rides but actually enjoying them as well!

All in all, one memorable staycation!


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