Sunday, December 29, 2019

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour Singapore December 2019

So this was the very first time U2 ever came to Singapore.

Because the band is so old, and their songs are so evergreen, me and a few hardcore U2-fan friends (Lasse and Eugene) decided to shell out $1,280 per ticket for the ultra ultra ultra VIP tickets. This included a pre-concert party dining experience with free-flow everything, and VIP seats.

All I can say is that I don't think I will ever pay this much ever again for a concert ticket.

Was the concert worth going?

Hell yes. U2 live was so special and so awesome to watch. Even songs that I didn't know was so memorable to marvel at, especially the giant elongated stage screen. Singing their anthems live was also an awesome experience.

Was the ultra VIP tickets worth it?

No. Nuff said. Never again. We could have had a similar experience for less cash outlay.

Nonetheless this was one concert to remember, especially the end when Bono paid tribute to Singapore.

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