Sunday, December 29, 2019

Thailand 2019 Day 4 - Phuket

It is day 4 and time is passing us by to quickly!

So today we go island hopping again but to the northern islands including James Bond island, and other islets for canoeing, cave walking and so on.

The day begins with another trip back to the same pier as yesterday.

Already the tour operator today called Diamond Sea starts us on a much better note, with a much more comfortable reception area to set off, and then a safety briefing as well. Remember that this package was actually 40% cheaper than yesterday's tour. A much, much better tour guide too. Her name was Patty.

We head off to island hop. Again very beautiful and many photo opportunities.

One of the highlights for me was Pan Yee Island, which was a floating island featured for its floating football field. This was very interesting to see, especially as there was a bunch of guests playing football when we visited it. We got to see what happens when you kick the ball out, and that means having to jump into the sea to pick up your ball. So cool.

Again another day of pristine waters and beautiful sights.

In the evening we got back late and headed straight off to Jungceylon for dinner. This time we also got a chance to visit the Bangla Road, Patong Walking Street, which was a little sleazy if I have to say.

Finally, another tuk tuk ride back to the hotel.

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