Sunday, December 29, 2019

Thailand 2019 Day 3 - Phuket

It is day 3 and we are going island hopping today!

The day begins with me discovering that my white pair of Crocs flip flops have given up on me.

Doesn't stop me and I buy a pair of water boots. Pretty cool by super not worth the price of 450 baht.

We spend an hour in the pick up bus travelling to the pier where our boat is waiting for us.

We head off island hopping in the direction of Phi Phi Islands. The waters around the islands are world famous for being crystal clear.

The kids also end up spending some time practicing their snorkeling, which was great to see that they enjoyed themselves.

The islands really look beautiful and it was a great day out at sea.

The only complaint was that the tour operator, which we booked via the hotel, was poor as compared to what we would experience tomorrow, at a far more expensive price somemore!

Anyway it was great to see pristine seas and island hopping nonetheless. On Phi Phi Don where we stopped for lunch, we were all caght in a passing thunderstorm and had to run to our lunch point unsheltered. Then just as fast as it came, the rain passed and it was bright and sunny again.

We ended the tour around 5.30pm where we headed back to the hotel, and then headed to Malin Plaza, which was a market of sorts, to have dinner. Got to try a lot of touristy Thai food.

Finally it was another 300 baht tuk tuk ride back to the hotel.

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