Sunday, November 29, 2020

More Random Food From Siglap

Here's more random food that we eat often around the Siglap area.

This is from Soy Eu Tua.

When I'm not eating it's famous mee pok or chicken rice, I'd eat this recently discovered laksa ($4.50) and carrot cake ($4), which is also ultra delicious. Only challenge as always, is getting a seat in that small coffeeshop.

The other one is the Teo Chew porridge which we tend to eat for dinners after work. This is at the 3838 coffeeshop where I usually eat the famous kway chap or yuan wei yong tau foo. I'm not a big fan of this porridge with different cooked food because the food is normally cold, meaning its been there for hours. Somehow the kids love it though.

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