Monday, July 20, 2020

Phase Two

So we've been in Phase Two since late June.

More than four weeks on and life is good.

Work has gone back to 50/50 splits on alternate weeks. Because WFH has been so effective and there are still restrictions on mask wearing as long as you are out of your house, WFO is restricted to only T/W/T even on the weeks we are meant to WFO. All in we are productive and effective and business is doing better this year than ever before.

Personal life has been so much better. The wifey cooks with a vengeance but the kids and I love her tasty but simple meals. I've become the default dishwasher, laundry guy (wash, hang, fold). This has really helped bring us closer and things have been better for us now in the last three months that it's been for the last two or three years, which really says a lot and I need to continue doing what I am doing right for this relationship to get even stronger.

Health is a little bit of an unknown although I have slimmed down from the home-cooked food by the wifey. Might go for a checkup next week. Hopefully all is well.

Kids have been great. Staying at home with them has really brought all of us a lot closer to each other. And right now at this stage of their lives, there is no place I would rather be to be honest.

Investment front has been abysmal. Every time I try to get back into the markets, I lose money. It has come to a point where I really need to stop trading/gambling and actually invest better now.

All said and done, life is good and long may this continue.

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