Sunday, November 12, 2017

Pak Victor's Wedding Party

So it all culminated into a very grand wedding reception at The Edge, Bali.

What an amazing and expensive place!

Here's the very beautiful view. It is no wonder this place is called The Edge. The dark clouds are gathering.

The beautiful laid out canopy and buffet food reception.

Pity that just before the food began to be served, a thunderstorm rained on the ceremony and destroyed everything in its wake. We were nicely hidden from the storm in the clubhouse, but the wedding dinner was somewhat ruined. No photos of that though.

Nonetheless, luckily no one got hurt, and this rain should be seen as a blessing in disguise, and a harbinger of wealth.

We also had another crazy after party which culminated in me reaching back to the villa at 0630 in the morning when the sun had risen!

I truly wish the loving couple good health, wealth and prosperity!

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