Thursday, August 31, 2017

Children's Biennale & Yayoi Kusama @ National Gallery

Brought the kids to the event at the National Gallery today. What a fantastic event it was for the kids! Really arty-farty, diverse and creative, the various pit stops were interactive and interesting. The place was quite crowded because the school holidays have begun again.

Here's the map and the various stations to complete!

This is the Hello, Future-me letter box.

This was the Homogenizing And Transforming World installation which was about navigating through an immersive labyrinth of glowing orbs that change colour and produce sounds when touched.

This was the Firewalk: A Bridge Of Embers installation, which was a man-made bridge made to look like an infinite abyss. So cool yet scary. The kids really loved it!

This is the famous Yayoi Kusama's The Obliteration Room. Originally pure white, participants are given a sheet of coloured dot stickers to stick anywhere in the room. The kids also enjoyed this one.

This is the Sonnet In Blue installation, a simple maze made of plastic with poems written on them. Meh.

The tree eye!

Was good fun and the kids absolutely tired themselves out.

Visit while you can!

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