Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fatherhood Reflections XLIII - The Scare

Delivered from the wifey's blog.

Finally got to talk to the boy about what happened this afternoon. I started with telling him my story. And this is how it went (italics are not told to him) 

This afternoon mummy received a call from coach Rene. She asked if the sch called mummy cos yiwei didn't get up the school bus. I said no. What do u mean he never get up the bus? Then where is he? Coach Rene said the rest of the kids said yiwei didn't get up the sch bus. Okay. I'll call the sch. And I did. It didn't help much that the sch said there is no missing boy. And said they will page to see if yiwei is in sch. While waiting I tried calling the driver, the bus company but could get none of them.
called the sch again and the office said no boy came even though they paged. And the person started saying that after sch there was a boy who wanted to call his mum to check if he shld wait for his grandma but was asked to board the bus instead. She suspects that the boy is yiwei and asked me to describe yiwei. I could only tell her yiwei is a p1 boy. All the boys in sch looks the same! How do I describe! Anyway she started suggesting that the boy might have wandered off outside the sch on his own or walk home on his own. And she asked if u know how to walk home or to the student care. I said I don't think so cos u have never done that before. Anyway in a nutshell she was planting a lot of bad tots in my mind and my mind was thinking of all the bad things that could have happened to u, it was driving me crazy.

And when I called the transport company, the lady was totally unfeeling and nonchalant I felt like screaming at her!  

Anyway I called the student care again to confirm that u r not there and quickly packed my things and rushed to the car. I was hoping even if during this time no one gets back to me at least I'm nearer to you (and the bad guy) to save u from any danger. The whole ride I was planning for the best way to locate you but I couldn't think of any brilliant idea. I tot I will just start with the sch then try to track you down along the main roads or small roads. A lot of things were running thru my mind I was thinking of the worst. 

And finally when I hit the tunnel you called. Hello mummy. I'm at student care. Huge sigh of relief....

His story. 

Today before I queue for the bus I went to the recess corner to buy something. Then when I come back got an Uncle ask me for my name. I say my name is yiwei. Then he asked me where I stay I said NC. And I went on to the bus. (Bus 1 instead of bus 2). 

Such a simple story. And to him he can't seem to understand why I got so worked up cos he still think he got onto a bus which will bring him to student care! I suspect the bus went there cos the Uncle must have received a call to locate the missing boy who shld go to LP instead! 

Anyway. Huge scare. Just Glad he is ok. Made him rem 2 things though (1) don't buy anything after sch. Go straight to the bus. (2) when someone ask him where he stays, say NC. But he is gg to his Studentcare at LP. 


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