Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fatherhood Reflections XVIII - Snow Planet

Taken from the wifey's blog.

The kids are growing up too fast.

Can only try to enjoy it while it lasts.

Snow planet

The hub said I shld document this when i was telling him about the daily conversation I have with wei about snow planet. He laughed out loud and said these are the things I shld document. Okay I shall try. 

Long Long time ago, so long i cannot recall when. I was talking to wei about recycling, reusing and reducing cos mama earth is dying. I guess his school also taught them about that cos he seemed to understand what I was saying and started getting teary that mama earth is dying and everyone is gg to die and he doesn't want to die blah blah blah. 

I kept consoling him saying mama earth won't die so fast and if we practise the 3Rs then mama earth might not die in the end. Anyway, this topic evolved to today's mama earth is dying in 100 years so wei will become a rocket scientist when he grows up so that he will build us a rocket to snow planet. And from now till then we cannot waste money on toys and mummy has to save up to build the rocket. 

On Friday afternoon, wei was supposed to be taking his nap when he came to my room a couple of times checking on the details on our trip to snow planet. 

"Mummy is it mama earth is dying?"
Not so soon wei. 
"Mummy is it snow planet is very cold. I don't want to be cold. "
Ok we will bring our jacket. 
"Mummy I will build a rocket. And papa mummy yixin will come to the rocket to snow planet. Mummy I also want to bring gong gong por por Jie Jie... (And he started naming all the family members) and my friends and Yixin's friends. Ok?"
Ok if we have enough space we will bring everyone. 
"Mummy can I bring toys?"
Okay u and yixin can bring one toy each. 
"Mummy. But only one toy. Later we are bored."
Okay can bring 2
"Mummy what if we are hungry "
Hmmm ok u can bring your hello panda. 
"Mummy then we will be thirsty how?"
Then we will bring water ok...
"Mummy but in the snow planet I cannot breathe and I will die right? And I don't want to die"
Don't worry wei u will be able to bring. We will wear the astronauts suit. Then can breathe. 
"Mummy is it if u die then papa will take care of me and yixin?"
.... Yes... 

And yes that was our conversation that afternoon. And it reached a pt where I buay tahan and ask him to go and sleep and don't worry so much. Omg. 

It is amazing how well he is planning this. But also at the same time worrying cos he really seems very concerned and serious each time he asks me abt it. And at this age I really dunno how to convince him that mama earth won't die that soon. As least when she dies we would have all been dead. So there is really nothing we need to worry right now. But I really dunno how to convince him of the concept of time. So I tot for now I shall just help in his planning on plan our trip to the snow planet and hope that he will soon grow up to realise we are really not gg to snow planet. 

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