Monday, January 04, 2021

Year End Sentosa Staycation Day 3

Day three for us was pretty straightforward. 

It was Universal Studios Singapore (USS)!

This one we'd bought tickets well in advance so no way we were gonna screw this up.

One can never go wrong with USS, although this time around we shelled out a bomb to go for the Express Passes, which allowed us to save SO MUCH TIME AND EFFORT on the queues. We'd done our research and knew the whole of Singapore was there and the queues were 90-120mins per ride. So it all made sense, and trust me, it was the best decision we made.

We managed to ride almost all (cool) rides at least once and some we rode more than once, which was really nice and fun.

As with most days, it began raining around 3pm till around 5pm. We were pretty ok and timed it well to take the sheltered rides during this time.

I guess the most amazing this was that we hung out at the theme park till 9pm! That's 12pm - 9pm! Amazing!

Enjoy the pix!

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