Friday, January 08, 2021

Resolutions 2021

 And so here we are again. 

Continuing this fine tradition of mapping out my goals for the year and never once achieving them all. Haha.

We're obviously coming off one of the worst years of this generation, from a mankind perspective. So with that in mind, we have to keep things in perspective, with a pinch of salt, and enjoy our lives along the way. 

It helps to be able to think of all this with a little more maturity and calmness.

Here's my 2020 in review.

This time around I realize I'm late with this post already and I honestly haven't been giving much thought to what resolutions I would like to make for the year. So I'm generally just letting my thoghts flow as they form in my teeny-weeny brain. 

So once more, here they are in no specific order of priority.

1) Exercise Three Times A Week On Average

So I finally achieve this goal in 2020. The tough part is whether I can maintain this even when we start going back to work full time. So I guess this goal is still as relevant as it has been in the last ten years I've had these exercise goals. Specifically speaking, I'd like to also commit to at least an hour's worth of exercise each session.

2) Better Appreciation Of Sights & Experiences During My Travels

This is similar, yet different from last year's goal of travelling to a place I've never been before. I envision that we will get to travel AT LEAST ONCE this year once all  the vaccinations and all that take place and countries begin to open up again. What I've come to appreciate that I haven't done enough of even though I've travelled so much in this life, is to document these travels better, appreciate my being there and the now (especially my work trips), and even head out off the beaten track just to see and experience things and life in another country or culture. Haven't really thought out the specifics, but documenting them in an even more elaborate and descriptive fashion in my blogs, social media and other mediums, will be a good start.

3) Earn >$30K In My Saxo Account

Mentally I already have had this target since the turn of the year. It can be seen as 'revenge' for my huge losses of last year. But really more importantly what has changed, I think, is a strengthened resolve later last year to change the way I trade. This I have adapted or am still adapting, but to rather positive results. This bodes well for this resolution, so let's see if it all pans out.

4) Spend More Time With My Parents

I guess as I grow older, and feel more aged, I think more about what my parents are going through, at their current ages (mid-60s and early 70s). It must not be easy growing old. There are REAL goals to aim for that are seriously a matter of life and death, and even if they are different, yet ever so essential to maintaining a healthy and sound mind, to try and delay the onset of aged diseases and problems. I honestly think I myself have a really high chance of developing dementia when I grow old and might end up senile, hence I keep a lot of logs about the various things in my life, even if the formats are public. Because one day when I forget everything, my passwords, where I left my things, and perhaps even the names of my loved ones, every little thing that can help me jog my memory will count. And what better way to access my memory bank than a vast database of publicly accessible stories, anecdotes, and descriptions of my life? This is also where I feel like my parents need me now more than ever to ensure they can relate me to everything they do during their twilight years. Naturally I pray that they live long and healthy lives, well into their 80s or 90s, so it is important to play my part and contribute to their enrichment in these years ahead.

5) Eat And Drink Less Sugar, Alcohol & Steak

Never has it been more evident in my life that sugar, alcohol and steak is bad for my health, than right now. Each time I take more than a normal serving of any of those three, I feel my heart burn (maybe not so much for alcohol). My body is already telling me to lessen the intake and so I need to obey before I get a stroke or a heart attack. With WFH arrangements, I have actually been able to keep my alcohol intake to once or twice a week at most, and not too wild (alcohol sales are only allowed up until 10.30pm then they shoo you home). Being less in office also means less trips to the pantry fridge for a can drink (even the sugarless ones also feel unhealthy tbh, oolong tea or Ayataka green tea, anyone?) , And less client meals which translates to less wanton steak, seafood and foie gras (slurp!).


Ok so that's all my resolutions for 2021. Hopefully I can meet and pass them all with flying colours!


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