Thursday, January 07, 2021

A Good Day

Since the pandemic, I've had a very different life I never thought possible. 

The whole Work From Home (WFH) bit really changed things for me in fundamental levels I never dreamed of.

So even though we're in Phase III and things are loosening up a bit, I'm still enjoying every moment of life in the now. During the Lockdown and Phase I periods, I got to WFH almost the full period. In Phase II and III, it became alternate weeks. Also kudos to working for a company that is so supportive of  these work arrangements.

Today is a near-perfect day in my life post-pandemic.

I wake at 7.30am. Play with my phone in bed and laze about, check the latest news, markets, FB, games etc.

I get out of bed at 8am. To my FOUR PokemonGO accounts and play with them for half an hour. 

It's 8.30am and it is off to my work room. Here the setup is complete with my work laptop and two other huge-ass monitors to do all that I need to do for work. My only complaint is the home internet connection can sometimes disappoint a little. But boy the amount of work I can get done is amazing.

The environment in the house is super conducive as the wifey is working from office (WFO) this week, which we try to arrange to alternate since we have a workroom GOOD FOR ONE PERSON. The kids' school year has just begun, so the wifey's fetched them to school.

First conference call meeting is at 9.30am and it is one marathon after another with three back-to-back-to-back meetings. Finally ending my spate of meetings around 12.30pm. 

I touch up what's necessary and get more work done, then I head out for lunch at 1.30pm. I'm quite lazy to take the bus, so I'd rather walk to somewhere nearby. My favourite lunch place is the 3838 coffeeshop at Siglap. I take a nice stroll there, which is around 800m away. Along the way I'm playing PokemonGO on two of my mobile phones.

The 3838 coffeshop has a good variety of food, but my favourite stalls are the kway chap, mee pok and the Yuan Wei yong tau foo. FuLin Yong Tau Foo has its own outlet beside the 3838 coffeeshop so that is a lunch choice as well. There is a saga story behind the two YTF stalls. All very delicious and enough variety for me to spread around over the course of five weekdays. And of course there is a MacDonalds just round the corner if I need too.

I eat till about 2.15pm and start to walk back. Then it is work, work and more work until 5pm where I have my last meeting for the day. It is a long one and ends at 6pm. 

The wifey messages me that she needs to work late, so I'll have to walk over to pick the kids from the student care center. I leave the house around 6.15pm to walk over. I quite enjoy these 15min walks to pick the kids. Really good that they're nearby. 

The kids and I then take a bus home. We are two bus stops away. 

It is Wednesday, exercise day. So it is already 6.45pm, we quickly get changed into our exercise attire and head downstairs. Generally we have a good routine going, which is running 3 rounds around the condo. That's 800m x 3 if you're inside, or 1.2km x 3 if you're outside. Then we do a variety of statics, either slope sprints, jumping-jacks, push-ups or sit-ups/crunches. 

We're home around 7.30pm all sweaty from our exercise routines and cool down. 

Thinking of what to have for dinner, we chose ThaiPan, our resident restaurant in our condo.

The girl decided she wanted to be brave today and go downstairs on her own to pick up the food. Really so proud of her for initiating this. 

In the evening we do our own work/studies/preparations. Wifey comes home.

It is 10.30pm and the kids are half an hour past their bedtime. One of us has to mini-shout at them to shoo them to bed almost every night.

It is 11.30pm and the wifey is done with her newest hobby - knitting. She is playing with her phone on the bed after having had a facemask on. I can smell it. She also goes to sleep.

It is 12.12am and here I am alone in the living room blogging about my day. 

What a fantastic day this has been!

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