Friday, January 08, 2021

Hello 2021, Goodbye 2020!

Thought I'd forgotten to post this traditional post eh?

I just got lazy, I'm sorry.



Where do I begin?

2020 was such a terrible year for the world, yet was such a good year for me in so, so many ways. 

I only went overseas (both inclusive of work and leisure) ONCE, and it was to Genting Highlands, Malaysia.

Then we went into Lockdown (Circuit Breaker). Then Phase I. Then Phase II. And just in December, Phase III.

A lot of time spent at home. 

Really a lot. 

Learnt to treasure the family life. It is really wonderful and so different from the life I used to lead. It's made me so much homelier, generally speaking. Life at home improved tremendously. I got to see my kids grow up, which too me was probably the best thing that's come out of this pandemic. So much so that I wouldn't mind quitting my day job and just be a househusband. 

We learnt to do a lot of things together this year as a family. From growing our own plants, cooking our own lunch and dinners, to the wifey developing a love for baking and knitting. We went to many places in Singapore to tide through our inability to travel overseas. I became more disciplined with exercising, drinking less and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Heck, I even got my weight down to below 80kg in 2020! I got to keep long hair after almost 20yrs. The corporate lifestyle has never had to endure my hippie look, until now.

Some significant events during that period were GE2020, which the Worker's Party took Sengkang being the only surprise. I had my appendicitis diagnosis and operation to remove my appendix.

At work we learnt to work from home and remote ourselves in more productive ways than we ever thought was possible. The company is such a supportive employer. All systems and requirements were quickly procured and everyone could replicate their desktop environment at home almost effortlessly. We had probably our best year ever, performance-wise.

So as with tradition, here's last year's review as a good reminder.

And here were my 2020 resolutions.

And here goes my resolution reviews for the year 2020:

1) Exercise Three Times A Week On Average PASSED

Wow this was a resounding success. I now run almost every other day. I get the kids to exercise as well (they are growing plump) and we have a good routine going. This was without a doubt my most successful year of regular exercising since I starting out working.

2) Earn >SGD10K On My Saxo Investment Account FAILED

Rather spectacularly at that! Each year I try ot quit all my poor gambling habits but they keep creeping back in some way or form. It would be the CFD Indexes and shorting of $TSLA this time that's taken out the chunk of my investment funds. 2020 was the worst year I've performed on my Saxo account since inception of the Performance Summary data in 2016. In total I lost almost SGD30K on this account alone. Sad!

3) Achieve Passive Income Of At Least $700/mth FAILED

Considering how crazy the year's been, and how the markets tricked so many of us into losing so much money, I thought this failure was not outsized. I ended the year with a monthly earned passive income from dividends of around $360, which is really not bad. This is considering that the markets crashed in March, which caused me to liquidate a huge chunk of my positions, one ETN I had significant holdings actually went belly up, and them the markets turned and never looked back, during which I almost completely missed the rally that's lasted all the way till today. Sigh. What can I say?

4) Go Somewhere Interesting That I've Never Been Before FAILED

Another failure, but not for lack of trying. I could probably try and name one of the things we went to in Singapore that I went for the very first time in my life in 2020, such as the Jurassic Mile for example, but it's just different. Genting wasn't that different even though we had a lot of fun driving up in our car as a family. Sungei Buloh was lovely, but again, meh. The new Apple store at MBS? Meh.

5) Look After My Mental Health PASSED

This was actually good. I feel like staying at home so much really nurtured my own mental health. I even did this Mental Health Awareness Challenge which involved doing 25 push-ups daily  for 25 consecutive days. I feel like I've become more calm in the face of adversity. I feel like I know what I am comfortable with and what I can accept as an individual. There is really a sense of growth in my mental well-being this year.


And so, a score of 2/5 for the year, with so much negative stuff happening in 2020, this doesn't really feel like a bad performance at all, in all honesty. On New Year's Eve, I actually stayed up and went into 2021 with eyes wide open, filled with a lot of hope, positivity and optimism. 

Hopefully 2021 will be an even better year for me in every way possible.


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