Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Tainted Wall

Painted one of my home walls today! Since I was on MC, I might as well tried to do something with the house while I'm stuck at home.

This is the blank wall. No wait! There's stuff written there already! Not clear enough. But yes, I was so uncreative I decided to just write some words to get myself started.

Then the colours came raining down! As you can see, I was doing a terrible job at painting. Had earlier walked to CompassPoint to buy two boxes of acrylic colours just for this paint job!

The unfinished product thus far! Its too late to do the black outlines or draw anything else. Will have to continue another day! This is the beginning of the magical coloured room!!!!!

Looks damn bloody childish right? If you have the chance, come over and take a closer look, its a terrible mess!

Super happy.

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