Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Am on MC today.

Doctor told me to go home to rest yesterday but I didn't listen. Down with a bad sorethroat and yellow phlegm. Didn't even bring my meds home.

Hopefully will get well by today. Cuz staying at home alone is boring...

And i just wasted my whole morning sleeping like a pig.

Least I get to update my Facebook and Twitter and do some trading :P

And here's a couple of pictures for entertainment:

I'm catching a rainbow in New Zealand!

This was in Lake Taupo shortly before we headed down to Turangi.

This was in Kai Iwi Beach where the winds were extremely strong!

Jumpshots were a MUST on everything that looked good during our trip. And the nicer the backdrop, the higher my jump!

Miss the weather there!

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