Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BNP Paribas FC

Dear Futsal Organizers.

Tonight's game was seriously not fun. I would like to lodge an official complaint against the team we played.

If you're out to randomly injure your opponents using our soccer match as an excuse, I really don't feel like playing anymore.

If you're fielding young kids who look like they just entered varsity, under the guise of your established highflying name, I really don't feel like playing anymore.

If you're organizing a league that somehow makes our team play their team not two but THREE consecutive weeks in a row, I really don't feel like playing anymore.

This is rubbish. Doesn't matter that we won comprehensively. I've never seen such aggression from an opponent since the days of ICAP (and weren't they kicked out of the league for violent conduct?).

Week in week out we're just hoping to get a good exercise and get our corporate team hanging out together. You can see from our previous season's league positions what we mean.

But when a team like this just wants to use agressive play, ankle-breaking tackles and flailing elbows to make your life on the pitch a living hell, then there is no more joy in evening football anymore, is there?

Heck, we were just one or two more rough tackles away from an all-out melee out there.

I trust you will look into this promptly and organize things more sensibly.


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