Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Work From Home (WFH)

WFH is the latest buzzword what with the coronavirus spreading around the world now.

It's called COVID-19.

So now all companies have to activate their Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) to ensure that business goes on as per normal.

Our BCP involves the company splitting 50-50 into Team A and Team B.

As much as possible everyone from Team A should never cross paths with everyone from Team B.

Each week, one team works in the office while the other team works from home.

Hence the WFH buzzword.

Working from home is so boring.

I find myself glued to my home desk PC more and working more, but also find it feeling very empty, monotonous and lonely. No colleagues to talk to, no one to have a casual chat, hardly any space to walk around.

And if anything it takes more effort to get out of the house to have lunch, go for an exercise, etc.

Hope this whole virus thing goes away soon.

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