Wednesday, February 26, 2020

My Father's Dream

Had lunch with my parents yesterday.

I always enjoy our lunches these days.

Really much to treasure.

Yesterday my dad related a dream he just had that had me in it.

He said it was traumatic.

It has me in it.

Here's what he said.

He was driving his car and drove past Mountbatten Road and then he saw me standing by the road side alone. He stopped his car and asked me what I was doing and whether I wanted a lift. I said I was waiting for a friend and didn't know what to do. I looked around 10-12yrs old. A kid basically. Anyway then he proceeds to ask me if I want to get into his car and I agree. He is driving along the road when some car comes on-rushing, he swerves, doesn't get hit but suddenly we are dangling by a cliff. So the car is dangling along a cliff and he is able to get out on his side, to have a look at the damage. When he does so, the car begins to tip and falls over the cliff. I am in the falling car and staring at him. He said I wasn't screaming, just looking at him in despair.

My dad said it was very haunting.

I can imagine.

I feel like I've had a similar dreams of this nature before.

Not sure what it means, but nice to have him relate to me the whole dream.

I told him there is nothing to worry about.

Hope he'll be ok and get over the trauma of this dream.

God bless :)

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