Thursday, February 06, 2020

Malaysia 2020 - Genting Highlands

So we travelled across the border and headed up north to Genting Highlands over the Chinese New Year period together with the in-laws. It was a 4D3N trip.

I haven't been up to Genting Highlands since 2007 and so was quite excited to see what it offered currently.

It was a good trip in the family sense.

It was a bad trip in the gambling luck sense.

Crossing the border via Tuas Second Link was fast and seamless.

Coming back was ok, we were stuck in the jam for only about 45mins. The next day when the FIL came back they were stuck there for almost 5hrs!

Genting Highlands hasn't changed much to be honest.

Everything is still there, a bit of renovation and refurbishment to make things look less old, but otherwise still the same generally.

The outdoor theme park was closed.

Generally a pleasant trip for all.

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