Sunday, February 16, 2020

Coronavirus In Singapore

So with the global spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus (or Wuhan virus as many still know it as), Singapore turned DORSCON Orange last Friday.

And the whole Singapore panicked.

Everyone headed straight to the supermarkets and stocked up very aggressively on toilet paper, canned foods, instant noodles, rice etc.

We even found ourselves caught up in the whole craziness, queuing at the Marine Parade NTUC for more than an hour with stocked up food.

Here's a picture of my son helping to carry some of our load.

It got even worse over the next few days as social media sent much of the population into delirium.

There were tons of pictures of people buying and hoarding crazy amounts of stock.

Thankfully the government came out to clarify that there was enough for everyone.

NTUC themselves also restocked very quickly and made sure there was enough in each supermarket.

And today, it was as if nothing has happened. The supermarkets are well stocked, and no one is queuing for crazy supplies anymore.

Yet COVID-19 is still spreading.

Hopefully we get over it soon.

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