Thursday, January 02, 2020

Resolutions 2020

And so a new year has begun. In fact, a new decade has begun.

We are in the 20s now.

Like I've said in several previous posts already, 2019 has not been that fantastic a year, and yet looking at the highlights I've achieved even when my chips are down, I think it was rather balanced in the end. Definitely have seen many better years out there.

Here's my 2019 in review.

So when I thought about my 2020 resolutions, there were some from 2019 that I wanted to keep to ensure I stay motivated with a collective aim of a better life by the end of the year, but at the same time add a few new resolutions to keep myself reminded of the changes I am experiencing in my life as I enter my 41st year in the world.

I will try to adhere to my management-learned technique of setting myself SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic, Time-factored goals.

Here they are in no specific order of priority.

1) Exercise Three Times A Week On Average
I have actually had this as a resolution in 2017, 2018 and 2019. And each year, I have failed to achieve this. Will 2020 be different? Well, I have joined a gym once more, I have a weekday running group in the office, I have serious health problems, I have a built in regular weekend routine. Twice is almost a guarantee already, so now I just have to make it a regular thing to sweat for a third time every week.

2) Earn >SGD10K On My Saxo Investment Account
This is another repeated resolution. I achieved this in 2018, but failed miserably in 2019. Hopefully I find some sort of systematic regularity to making more profitable trades on my Saxo account. I have so far gone one year green, one year red, one year green and now one year red again. Hopefully by end of this year, I will be VERY green.

3) Achieve Passive Income Of At Least $700/mth
This one is an extension of something I've been gaining a lot of momentum on. My key to financial independence. And 2019 I managed to achieve this target and then some. It showed me what was possible if I really put my mind to doing something with discipline. So now I want to stretch myself even further and hopefully by 2021 I will be earning passive income of at least $1,000/mth?

4) Go Somewhere Interesting That I've Never Been Before
I've always loved to travel. And this should be fairly easy to achieve if no hiccups come along this year. Ang Kor Wat in Cambodia likely. Hokkaido likely. Let's see.

5) Look After My Mental Health
I think if I really wanted to put things in the clearest terms, this was what's really pulled my 2019 down. I've gone through some really tough mindfucks throughout last year and spent too much time thinking. And there were a lot of serious negative thoughts in play last year as well that made me go into depression without anyone realizing it. It took a lot to get out of there and still I can't say I am in the clear. But of course having a positive and optimistic mindset has always helped me in my life. I have always seen the glass half full and been grateful for the life I have lived. I shall aim to be stronger mentally, and also be happier inside. Surround myself with the people who love me and genuinely want to be with me.

And with that once more, hopefully I can earn a 5/5 come the year end!


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