Sunday, January 19, 2020

Kids’ Exercise Stats 06Jan2020

So we found out that the kids have got NAPFA tests in upper Primary School. Hence I've tried to drill them so they are familiar.

Both have been good at it and its been a good start.

Here are their stats.

1.4km Run (together)
1st Round
6m 07s
2nd Round
7m 21s
13m 28s

Sit-ups (1 min)
W 7
X 1

Shuttle Run
W1 19.73s
W2 16.20s
X1 20.27s
X2 18.43s

Inclined Pull-up (counts)
W1 2
W2 3
X1 2
X2 3

700m Run (1 Round)
W 5m 49s
X 7m 20s

Standing Broad Jump (tiles)
W1 9
W2 11
X1 7
X2 8

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