Monday, December 31, 2018

Hello 2019, Goodbye 2018!

Yet another year gone by.

It has happened with the blink of an eye.

It has had its ups and its downs. Generally not as significant as 2017 but still a significant with some really big milestones nonetheless. Here's hoping that 2019 will be a happier and more prosperous year!

Here are some of the key events unlocked in 2018:

- Moved into our new home
- Promoted at work to a higher position that I never thought possible
- Perth family trip in May was super fun!
- Hong Kong family trip in November unlocked HK Disneyland and Ocean Park
- Completed a full marathon

That said, it hasn't been all that smooth sailing. My supposed feng shui in 2018 wasn't too bad but 2019 is supposed to be a really bad year for Goats. In fact going into 2019, there is trepidation and the only way I can properly describe my thoughts now are to use that common cliche of hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

Anyway as with tradition, here was last year's review.

And here were my 2018 resolutions.

So here're my resolution reviews after the year's gone:

1) Achieve >20% Return On A Key Investment Account PASSED
This I surprisingly achieved with relative ease, thanks to some good punts. I've covered it in my investment blog here. Hopefully I can keep this streak going in 2019.

2) Score At Least One Big Positive Life Achievement In 2018 PASSED
Without a doubt this had to be the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. I've covered this amazing achievement here, and here. One very significant thing off my bucket list.

3) Exercise 3 Times A Week FAILED
In spite of achieving (2), I could only say I exercised regularly maybe twice a week at best. I have to carry this into the new year and hope to do better in 2019. At least for my own health, if not for my family.

4) Achieve Passive Income Of At Least $200/mth FAILED
This was actually almost achieved. See my November update. I haven't updated for December but definitely wouldn't achieve this. That being said, let's not forget that I completely got out of debt in 2017 and started in 2018 at zero investible AUM. So I still want to pat my back for this even though it is classified as a fail. Another resolution to bring forward to 2019.

5) Spend More Time With Kids and Family PASSED
This I actually achieved with effort! I really made it a point to get off work earlier to be with the kids throughout the year. Of course it may not be fully evident, but I have significantly cut down my social outings to almost negligible, just to achieve this. Will keep on doing this and hope it lasts for as long as possible.

And there you have it, 3/5 passes makes 2018 a better than average year for me. All I need to do now is to make more money, keep myself healthy, and 2019 would be even more special for me.

So here's wishing myself and my family overwhelming good health, wealth and prosperity in 2019!!!

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