Saturday, December 15, 2018

An Eventful Outing At Katong I12

So yesterday I brought the kids to Katong I12 for my daughter's regular ballet class.

The boy and I were loitering awhile wondering what to do while we waited the one hour for her ballet class to end.

We ended up hanging out at the games area outside the supermarket, playing foosball. All of a sudden, this lady around my age came up to me and asked me if I would like to have this Christmas event pass that she had gotten which she didn't have time to bring her kids to. I thought for a while, and then said yes and I thanked her for it. She wished me a Merry Christmas and then went off on her way.

Now this event pass is a Christmas promotional event at Katong I12. It consisted of two parts - a rather large bouncy castle area for kids to play, and a spaceship prize catcher for life-sized participants to scoop as many balls as possible. Each event pass requires $50 spend in the mall in order to get it. This entitled one child to get in the bouncy castle for 20mins AND one attempt on the spaceship prize catcher.

Hence to continue on, after getting the pass, my first thought was that I couldn't possibly let one child go for the bouncy castle while the other watches in disappointment right? So the boy and I thought about where we can spend another $50 to get one more pass. In the end we decided to spend it in the supermarket. I bought quite a lot of potato chips to hit the spend amount.

After successfully getting the second event pass, we picked my girl, and went to the event area. Here we signed up for the bouncy castle, which required a 10min wait. In that time, I decided to do the spaceship prize catcher twice. What happens here is that I am harnessed and hooked from the back and hovered over a pool of plastic balls, and I have to try to get as many balls as possible. now I noticed that other participants were scooping balls with umbrellas so I asked around and found out that you were allowed to bring your own 'scoop', hence the umbrella.

So my first attempt, I managed to scoop 61 plastic balls with my umbrella. This earned me a prize of 2 GV movie tickets. In my second attempt, I managed to scoop 70 plastic balls! This actually earned me an XL giant unicorn plushie. Unfortunately, the plushie was out of stock! Super sad! In the end after some hemming and hawing, I managed to bargain for another 2 GV movie tickets. Thus now I have 4 tickets for the whole family!

The kids then went for their bouncy castle 20min play. Then we went to buy bubble tea and went home.

What an eventful outing at Katong I12!

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