Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A Christmas Day 2018 Story

It's Christmas day!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today was a very good day with the family. And Christmas should always be about the family right?

Already last night we had Christmas eve dinner with my parents and siblings. It was such a fun affair where we had Hai Di Lao and I tried pig's brains for the first time ever and probably never will again.

This morning the son woke first and proceeded to excitedly prod me up to pass him the clue to start off his treasure hunt that I planned for the kids the night before. Admittedly he took awhile, and he even needed help from a very sleepy me with one of the clues (the table one). In the end he found his presents in my cupboard bottom drawer, which was a small Lego set, and two Future Card Buddyfight starter decks, all of which he chose himself in the weeks before. Then it was my girl's turn to wake up and set off on her own treasure hunt in the house. She also found her presents in the cupboard behind the sofa, which was a Japanese paper doll book from Daiso, and an Ariel toy set, again all of which she chose the weeks before.

Following that I went out for a morning jog just because I felt like it. Super unbelievable that the Japanese cartilage pills that my mom introduced to me are so effective that I hardly feel any pain in both my knee meniscus' anymore. Simply amazing! It was a usual one hour jog of about 10km. These days these jogs are fairly easy, plus a lot of sweating, so it does keep me feeling healthy. It was all the way past OBS-East Coast, all the way to the National Sailing Centre and back.

I came back to my son bugging me to play his new Buddyfight game with him, so I obliged. It was a new game but not a concept entirely new. In fact, it was simpler to understand and learn than Magic: The Gathering, a game I am really familiar with. Anyway, one game won, one game lost. I really like that he is into this game, then I can bring him on to MTG when the time is right.

After a quick bath, it was off to Parkway Parade to look for the daughter's schoolbag and the boy's school shoes. We managed to accomplish both after a quick lunch at the food court. Bought a purple Deuter sports bag for the girl. We had the experience of knowing not to waste money on those fancy kids bags with cartoon prints because they never last.

Then it was off back home to take a quick nap because we had big plans later on.

It is 5pm and we all wake up sleepy and groggy. We had to go quickly to our destination because I wasn't even sure if it was too crowded or even open, just like what happened last year. Didn't want history to repeat itself.

We were going to the Marina Bay Carnival!

So we drove to MBFC and parked at one of the MBFC towers nearest to the carnival area, and walked towards MBS. The carnival was in the space in between.

It was so fun! Like those old Uncle Ringo travelling fun fairs, only much larger in scale. It was super expensive too! We managed to take so many rides. There was the classic Viking ride, where my seat belt actually came off midway through the ride! There was the rising spinning swing ride, this jumpy ride which made me sick. And then a host of other kiddie rides. In fact while waiting for hte jumpy ride called Jumper Jumper, some guy's handphone flew out of his pocket and hit the wifey on her ankle! It was quite badly bruised. Very lucky it didn't hit anyone in the head or face. I had to tell him off a bit as he was totally oblivious to it.

We also played all the game stalls and won quite a lot of soft toys! All in all it was still good fun, albeit super expensive. We spent about two hours plus there and I spent $200!

Later on we walked to MBS for dinner. We had Ippudo Ramen, topped with R+B bubble tea.

Finally we headed home as it was almost 10pm.

What a lovely and eventful Christmas Day with the family!

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