Monday, October 08, 2018

Manchester United 3 Newcastle 2

What a comeback!

We conceded two very early goals to Newcastle at home! And believe me everyone Man United fan was super upset.

Not sure who to blame. The build up for this game labelled it as Mourinho's last game.

The players were terrible. Mou's tactic's were terrible. Must have been the Board's fault.

Come second half. The right players came in (Mata, Fellaini, Sanchez), the tactics changed.

Mata scored a beautiful free-kick.

Martial combined with Pogba for a very beautiful second goal.

Sanchez scores in the 89th minute to comeplete the beautiful comeback.

Question is why aren't we playing like this week in week out?

Which team will come on in the next game against Chelsea?

Is Mourinho safe? I still would like him out.

But for the time being, what a comeback win to savour for a week or two.


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