Sunday, September 30, 2018

SQ Premium Economy

You know for all my extensive travels, I have never once taken a Business Class nor First Class flight before.

I have always flown by Economy Class only. Albeit by Singapore Airlines mostly, which has one of the more premium Economy flights out there.


So I was pleasantly surprised during my last trip to Shanghai that I was internally upgraded to Premium Economy on my Singapore Airlines flight.

What's to like?
1) More Leg Room - this was by far the biggest plus for such a tall guy like me
2) B&O Headphones - this was ok only, not that big a headphones guy even if I love watching inflight movies
3) Larger Screen - for an inflight movie buff like me, this was very nice
4) Welcome Champaigne - not my thing, I didn't even drink a single glass

It was a nice experience, nonetheless. And truth be told, it really made me want to ride more on that class or better in the future.

I kinda realize why some atas people call Economy, 'cattle class' :(

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