Saturday, October 20, 2018

Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

Wow this really felt like a loss!

Ross Barkley's goal in the 96' really hurt.

Yet again this was a tale of two halves. The first half we were absolutely abysmal. Then in the second half we were so good.

Martial scored both goals and they were good goals.

Ashley Young had Hazard in his back pocket so much so that I thought he deserve MOTM.

Pogba again for me is the problem child. He seems to only want to play when he feels like it.

Also it might be about time to stop starting Lukaku. He's really lumbering around with less contribution that many in the team.

Anyway onwards and upwards, looks unlikely that Mourinho will get the sack after this performance.

If we continue our performances like the second half of today's game, I think will easily wrap up the UCL spots. But can we? That is the question.


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