Friday, December 27, 2013

Timeshare Scam V2.0?

Timeshares selling have always been viewed as scams because of the way they do their highly aggressive and pressurizing selling tactics. And that's only the sales bit. Once their victims sign on the dotted line and part with their money, that's only when their nightmares begin. Without boring you lot with the stuff they're capable of just to weed money off their victims, simply go Google "Timeshare" and "Scam" and read up if you will.

It has also been extensively reported in the news:
Here's one as recent as half a year ago
Here's another in March 2013

Anyway I got a call today claiming to be from the National Sign Up Center or the International Recovery Center stating that they could help me recover my money from timeshares.

Sad to say I didn't have any and so I Googled and read up and lo and behold, this is the new version of scamming your money apparently! They ask you to pay a deposit for their services and there you immediately part with even more money, and things get messy all over again until you give up chasing, just like Timeshare Scam V1.0.

Don't have much time to type it all out here, but you can read various forums such as here, or over here, to get a pretty good idea about what's going on. In some cases, they even claim to be calling from lawfirms! But a further check reveals that they are either imposters or using defunct lawfirm names to sound credible.

Also, if you've been a timeshare victim before, please don't be a victim again. Go report your situation to CASE or CAD immediately. It appears they may be finally doing something about these timeshare scammers.

I was abit shocked to read that there are people out there who still pay monthly instalments in the hope of getting their lump sum payments back some day!

Be safe!

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