Friday, December 27, 2013

Hull City 2 Manchester United 3

Wow. Our 5th consecutive win. And winning ugly too. That's the true mark of champions.

1) Where Was The Defence Early On?
Beats me. How Hull managed to score 2 quick goals to go 2-0 up early on still baffles me. We really shouldn't be losing goals so early. Lapse in concentration. Luckily we were able to recover.

2) And Recover We Did
Unlike early in the season when we played very negatively, Moyes looked set to attack the Hull defence into submission today. It was really a joy to watch knowing we were able to comeback. These things you just believed simply based on the overall team play on the tv. How weird.

3) Rooney For MOTM
Quite undisputed, this one. He was everywhere, at one point playing as last man while the rest of the team was in front attacking even. He scored that wonderful volley to equalize, and then set up the winning own goal. The boy is unplayable right now when his head is right. Passing was also really good especially to the wings.

4) Carrick And Fletcher
Was a good sight to see Fletcher start his first game after so long. Nonetheless he tired and was substituted on 60min. Carrick's been out quite long too, so it's nice to see him get eased back into the game. We need our midfield linchpins to be fit and on form asap and these two could be our answer.

5) The Bad
Well there was the needless two goals we gave to Hull. Then Rafael got injured. Hopefully he won't be out for too long. Welbeck was also playing through injury. Phil Jones is out for two weeks and therefore couldn't start the game. With Fellaini out as well, we need other midfielders back to their best asap. Then there was Tony V's very needless red card. There's an injury crisis right now and we need to cope best as we can.

Bring on Norwich!


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