Monday, December 16, 2013

Aston Villa 0 Manchester United 3

It's been awhile since I enjoyed a Manchester United game. 

1) Fringe Players Finally Playing Above Average
Perhaps the biggest problem we've had all season was that SAF was able to make a mediocre team champions while DM, being new, wasn't able to do the same. Tonight though, saw the likes of Welbz, Cleverly, Tony V all having very good games for once. Hopefully they can keep this up.

2) Stars Play Better Too
Even the stars all turned up with quality performances. Rooney, Rafael, Jones, DDG all had a good game. Probably enhanced by the fringe players' performances.

3) Rafael & Tony V Combo
It has to be said that whenever Rafael at RB and Tony V at RMF play in the same game, they turn the right field entirely theirs. Their combined chemistry and work rate it second to none. Wasn't a surprise that so many chances came from their flank, including both of Welbz's goals.

4) Evra Is Going Downhill
If there were one player (aside from Young) last night who didn't do well, Evra would be it. Poor in defence and staying to far upfront many a time, it may be time for him to be replaced. I love Evra for his commitment and love for the club, but this season simply hasn't been up to the mark for him. We definitely need a new LB.

5) Fletcher Surprise
Who would have thought Darren Fletcher would make it back to the first team. In fact he even played quite well when he came on for Giggs. Hope he continues to improve as the team really needs a player like him this season.

All in all a good performance.

Hope this can continue.


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