Saturday, September 14, 2013

W Hotel Sentosa - A Family Staycation

Another year on, another family staycation on Sentosa.

This is the first time we stayed in W Hotel Sentosa.

I have to say before everything else, that in a nutshell, W Hotel is the epitome of luxury. I was both impressed and amazed by how atas it was. IMHO more luxurious than the Ritz and St Regis.

I think it's emphasis on all things aesthetically impressive and arty-farty (the ultra expensive sort) gave that first impression, and it just continued throughout the check-in process.

Staying 2 nights with 2 kids in tow is a challenge particularly for the chosen hotel, to match or even surpass the staycationers' expectations. So it was abit of a risk to have chosen this hotel for this year's plans.

Thankfully I needn't have been so apprehensive.

Right from the off, we were upgraded to a family room, which came on the 3rd floor with an extra large balcony (yard?).

Staff at the reception were really welcoming. So much so that if there was someone ahead of you, you'd still receive  a staff's attention who will prep whatever you're queuing at the recept for.

The room was quite spacious and was filled with little pieces of art to complement its interior arty-farty decor.

We also got a baby crib (free) for our little one.

What really won me over though, was the bathroom. No it wasn't the rain shower. It wasn't large bathtub. It wasn't the frosted sliding glass window by the bathtub which could be opened to give full view to the rest of the bedroom. It was the complimentary bar soap.

Yes. I've never seen such soap being distributed at a hotel before. But those protruding ribs really feels like an extra massage.


The hotel's also got an awesome pool, so ask for a pool view. It's probably the best side of the hotel.

It's also located right beside Quayside Isle, the atas retail and f&b belt on Sentosa Cove. Very convenient.

Speaking of location, one of the key downsides you'll always read about is it's proximity to all of Sentosa's other attractions. It's really quite inconvenient. Parking is expensive all around the island, and there's only a hotel shuttle that runs on an hourly basis. 

Still, don't let that stop you from spoiling yourself once in a while. Because it sent stop us either.

Super recommended!!!

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