Sunday, September 29, 2013

Manchester United 1 West Bromwich Albion 2

Humiliating. As if last weekend's loss weren't bad enough. 

1) Unmotivated
Some of our players really looked as though they only need to turn up to get a win chalked off. Carrick, Rio, Jones, Ando, Buttner, all looked like they weren't really interested to be on the pitch. David Moyes really needs to bring out his hairdryer really soon man. The players either weren't interested or were just unmotivated.

2) Why Was Kagawa Off At Halftime?
Probably a tactical substitution, but it was a surprise to take him off so soon when things were still going quite well. His replacement Januzaj didn't exactly light up the right wing.

3) Fergie Time Is No More
Gone are the days where we'd mount a sustained fightback to go for the win. Today we didn't penetrate enough all throughout the game even after going a goal down. Then after conceding we didn't have that impetus to chase the game anymore. Haven't seen any fightback desire since Moyes took over.

4) Rooney The Sole Spark
Only Rooney played well. Everyone else sucked in general. Rio was probably the worst player on the pitch today. Much as I dislike him, Rooney was the only one attacking, defending and even scored. Nani comes in second.

5) 6 Games In, Bottom Half
At this rate, not only will we not be in Europe next season, we might end up fighting a relegation battle. Clearly every team coming up against up want to win more than us. If we don't buck up this will be one heck of a long season.


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