Sunday, September 01, 2013

Liverpool 1 Manchester United 0

Sucks to lose. Especially to Liverpool. But things are not as bad as it seems.

1) Generally We Were The Better Team
Aside from a lack of concentration early on in the game, we were pretty dominant. Though not to a point where we were downright camping in their half, we were winning the midfield battle and were defensively sound

2) We Lacked Fire Power
We are overly reliant on RVP for goals right now. No use winning the midfield and defensive battles when we cannot threaten as much either. Welbz still doesn't look like a scorer (much as I like him), while Hernandez and Nani are really rusty. We need Kagawa back in the picture fast.

3) We Missed Rooney
A last minute training injury. Suffice to say, for all his contract problems, had he been on the pitch, we would probably have won. 'Nuff said.

4) Giggs Should Not Start Games
Not the first time I've said this. Legend as he may be, he's starting to wear us fans thin. Dunno why Moyes keeps pickin him to start. Impact sub, seer-outer of games, stabilizer, all yes. Starter, no.

5) Game 3 Of A Very Tough Run
While it would have been better to at least draw the game, this loss isn't that hard to take particularly because we played well generally and we look like we can thrash Crystal Palace at home with this sort of play next game.

In Moyes we trust!!!


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