Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Farce Of A Transfer Window

Worst transfer window ever.

It's only now that we can appreciate how much work is done behind the scenes by the Executive Director and what good business acumen David Gill possessed. Even SAF himself provided the necessary shield and draw for potential transfer targets.

Following both their retirement last season, we got a lousy Ed Woodward whose primary experience of sponsorship securement was never good enough, and David Moyes, whose looking too awed by many the occasion.

From rumoured failed chases of Thiago, to confirmed failed bids of Fabregas, and insulting smaller clubs like Everton, them both have dragged the club's name through the mud. Then it just turned into a circus with the bungled Herrera deal, paying way over for Fellaini, desperate bids for Kheidira, Sneijder and finally another failure to land Coentrao out of desperation, even if it were a loan deal only.

You would think these guys actually had a plan.

So where does this point us to? Firstly, it's utterly demoralizing to the fans and likely also the players. Perhaps even more so that the 1-0 loss to Liverpool over the weekend. There's not much to make of new additions when essentially there was only one. Fellaini will hopefully plug the gap where Giggs plays. No more starting of games for him. More focus will be on Moyes using Kagawa, squad rotation, and blooding youngsters.

Any positives? Well, for one the two week break will help calm the nerves a little. Hopefully by the time Crystal Palace turns up at OT, we will win comfortably and the cracks will be paved over. We kept a hold of Rooney. I still don't like him but he is playing alot better since realizing that he was going nowhere. And we still have a championship-winning team in place. It would take a monumental effort to dismantle that and that would surely be Moyes' downfall if he oversaw that.

Meanwhile, in David Moyes we will trust. Sigh.


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